Baidu Senior VP Jing Wang to Soon Resign


  • Baidu Inc’s (BIDU.NASDAQ) Senior VP, Jing Wang, recently said that he will soon leave Baidu, as reported by
  • After leaving Baidu, Wang will start his own self-driving enterprise.

Why It Matters:

  • Wang joined Baidu in 2010. Wang has been crucial to multiple departments of Baidu including Baidu Mobile Cloud Business Group, Baidu Big Data Department, Baidu Cloud Computing Department, Baidu US Research Center, Baidu Shenzhen Research Center and Baidu Self-driving Business Group as he led the development of these technologies.
  • Insiders said that Wang’s leaving might be due to a gap between Wang’s ideas and Baidu’s plans regarding the self-driving business. Last year, Wang attempted to split off the self-driving unit from Baidu and to run it independently, but failed.
  • Currently, Baidu does not manufacture vehicles, but the company provides self-driving solutions and services. Baidu plans to work with automobile manufacturers such as BMW to launch self-driving vehicles in 3-5 years.