SAIC Motor Raises RMB 15 Bln via Non-Public Offering



  • SAIC Motor recently completed a non-public offering and raised RMB 15 billion, according to
  • SAIC Motor issued 658 million shares in the non-public offering at a price of RMB 22.8 per share.


Why It Matters:

  • SAIC Motor’s controlling shareholder and employees purchased 118 million shares of the total 658 million shares comprising the non-public offering. The remaining 540 million shares were purchased by six institutional investors.
  • SAIC Motor said that more internet companies are entering the automobile industry, and some employees of SAIC have been poached by these companies. Through the non-public offering, SAIC executed options with regard to 2,321 important employees in order to provide them with incentives and to strengthen their ties to the company.
  • SAIC Motor said that the RMB 15 billion will be invested in the development of renewable energy cars, smart cars and fuel cells.